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WASHALA ® Plant Pot is only one of its names. You can call it a storage box, fancy bin, pen holder...your imagination is the limit!

You can keep the edge folded or unfold it, and this will add approx. 5cm in height giving you extra space. If it feels stiff just put it in water for 5 minutes and then shape it to your desired height! Yesss, you can give it a hand wash if needed. These pots are flexible and will arrive folded. This is another benefit of them, they are easily transported. Also, they are so light!

The inside is customised with the WASHALA logo. 

It comes in 4 different sizes and 20 colours over two finishes: Aged and Shiny.


  • Colour: Aged Light grey
  • Material: 100% Washable Kraft Paper


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